3d model

3d model – Conversion Proposal – entrance to main street

Here in the second model, you will see a possible breakthrough toward the mainstreet. The entrance can be routed to the front and you gain additional window space.

Using the 3d models:

1. enlarging: click on the blue spot in the lower right to see the model on the sketchfab server.
2. moving: hold the right mouse button and move the mouse to move the model freely in the room.
3. zooming: turn mouse wheel back and forth.
4. turning: hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to turn the model freely in the room.
5. embedding: use the first of the five buttons in the lower center and and link the model to your site.

To use the models you need a current browser with html-5 support. Here you can check if your browser supports WebGL: http://get.webgl.org/

Mobile devices:
This page is not working on IOS devices from Apple ( IPad, IPhone )! Android devices version 4.1 and upwards should be able to show the page.