The City of Wilhelmshaven is in the northern part of Germany next to the north sea. Wilhelmshaven has the biggest military naval base in Germany and also the only deep water port to unload huge container vessels independent from rising and falling tides ( www.jadeweserport.de ).

The property is right in the town center at the market place. In the same building is a bank ( Sparkasse ) and many public authorities like the car admissions office or the residential registration office and so on.

The marketplace is used twice a week.

There are two direct entries to the property – First from the marketplace and the second form the main street ( Bismarckstraße ). On the street side we have a long shop window that helps with natural lighting of the shopping area. Also the new tenant will be seen from the outside. Right next to the street entrance is a bus stop.

The whole building is well frequented by all the visitor of the public authorities and the bank, that are on the upper levels of the house.