03149 Forst Supermarket formally used by the German discount chain “NETTO AG”.

For the sale or the renting out of this building we are looking for a capable property agent with a potential customer base. We can offer an exclusive sale-option if your client needs time to do the project development. This however will cost a fully refundable booking fee. That fee is 100% refunded in the event that your customer will buy the property. This supermarket building is located in the main business area of Forst. It is on the main road ( Cottbuser Straße 29 ). The overall condition is so well, that the reserve fund for renovations is over 30.000 Euros. The fund will be transferred to the buyer. The estate has been used as a supermarket earlier. Therefore all the necessary infrastructure to use it again commercially is already available. The Property was build in 1997 for the amount of 2.500.000 DM ( converted 1.250.000 EURO ).


Location: 03149 ForstRental status:unrented
Address: Cottbusser Strasse 29eAsking price:349.000,00 €
Size overall:940 qmRent:3.500,00 €
Type:commercialCity size:20.000


The property on offer is part of the biggest inner-city commercial complex. One will also find doctors’ offices, physicians and drugstores in the street as well as other stores. Next to the supermarket is a bakery, bookstore a chemistry and the local kindergarden.


The market is a single floor building in great condition. At the moment we have two separated shops with separated entries. They can be easily joined back together to one big shop by removing the fireproof door between the two spaces. Possible uses of the building are:

- retail- self-storage
- archive- fitness center
- meat market
- catering / gastronomy
- warehouse
- educational establishment
- showroom- dancing school
- solarium / tanning booths


Forst is located next to the polish border. The advantage of that location is, that the city has a lot of Polish citizens coming to Forst for shopping because many groceries are cheaper in Germany then in Poland. Many Germans drive through Forst on their way to the border as fuel and cigarettes are a lot cheaper in Poland. Forst is the focal point for the border traffic. Since 2007 it is easy to travel without any border controls.

The transport connections to Forst are excellent. It is directly connected to the highway A15. In 130 km distance from Berlin and 140 km away from Dresden the two main centers of East Germanys industry are not far away.

The average net income in Forst is better than in the rest of Germany. (63.193 Euro per year compared to 58.299 Euro as the German average.)

Indoor photos

You can find more pictures at “download” as a zip archive.

Ground plot

You find high resolution ground plots at “download” as a zip archive.



You can find more pictures at “download” as a zip archive.


3d model

3d model – Conversion Proposal – entrance to main street

Here in the second model, you will see a possible breakthrough toward the mainstreet. The entrance can be routed to the front and you gain additional window space.

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Here you find some files regarding the property in Forst to download.

Pictures:Forst - InnenansichtenZIP, 445 kb
Pictures:Forst - UmgebungsansichtenZIP, 572 kb
floor plan:Forst - GrundrissZIP, 1,88 MB
all files: Forst - alle DateienZIP, 2,88 MB
Word Exposé ( german ):Forst - ExposéPDF, 1,15 MB

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