26382 Wilhelmshaven – shopping center provision and property buying tax free to sale or rent.

For the sale or the renting out of this building we are looking for a capable property agent with a potential customer base. We can offer an exclusive sale-option if your client needs time to do the project development. This however will cost a fully refundable booking fee. That fee is 100% refunded in the event that your customer will buy the property. The building has been used as a supermarket by the REWE-Group before. REWE is one of the biggest German store chains. They only left the area because they build a new construction that is more spacy.


Location:26382 WilhelmshavenType:commercial
Address:Am Rathausplatz 10
Rental status:partially rented out
Size overall:2800 qm / 30140 sq.ft
City size:80.000